Water Taxi to Montezuma

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Travel the scenic way in our taxi boats and save time as we take you from the shores of Montezuma to Jaco beach.

Our boats depart daily from the center of Montezuma a 9:30am for the one-hour ride across to the mainland.

Departures leave from Herradura beach, just north of Jaco, at 10:45am for the return trip to Montezuma.

Taxi Boat From Jaco Beach

Taxi Boat Montezuma from Jaco

Taxi Boat to and from Jaco The private speed boat, taxi boat, or water taxi to Montezuma or Jaco is one of the best ways of transportation in this area of Costa Rica. Saving up to 7 hours of the hot and uncomfortable trips by land, the taxi boat most accurate way to get to Montezuma or Jaco.

Price: $50 to Santa Teresa $60
Time of Tour: 9:30 am for the one-hour ride across to the mainland.
Included: Transfers, and Taxi Boat.

Taxi Boat Montezuma Jaco CostaRicaZuma Boat Taxi, Costa Rica
Water Taxi MontezumaWater Taxi Jaco Montezuma

Taxi Boat So in a few minutes we’re off to taxi up the coast to Montezuma, which is on the peninsula on the north pacific side of Costa Rica. I’ve wanted to go to this area for a while now! See the image on how we’ll cut across the ocean to get there. The boat is an hour instead of the many (treacherous) hours driving up the coast and probably more scenic.

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