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If you love to surf and love to party, Then Playa Jaco, located in. the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, is the ideal setting for a beach holiday in the sun Action packed. Playa Jaco is a bustling seaside town known for great surfing and nightlife icts . With near San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, Jaco Beach is Frequented Throughout the year by the locals and tourists alike. Once a quiet beach town sleepy, Playa Jaco is now one of the MOST popular beach vacation destinations in Costa Rica. Rightly, Jaco HAS its earned reputation as one of the MOST fun filled beaches in Costa Rica.

The good thing Jaco Beach Costa Rica?

Surf and surf ! Located in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, 3 km stretch of Jaco Beach is home to a wide community of faithful wave , if your passion is surfing, Then You Will fit right in.Playa Jaco Costa Rica

North and south of Jaco Beach, the nearby beaches of Playa Hermosa, Playa Herradura and Playa Esterillos, Playa Palo Seco and Isla Damas aussi offer Reviews some of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. Unlike Jaco Beach, thesis -have calm waters and beaches are safer for swimmers Considered. Central Pacific of Costa Rica is a surfing paradise, there are more waves goal Jaco only happy tourists coming back for more.

Although  Jaco Costa Rica is one of the Most Beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, the lush tropical vegetation of the surrounding mountain scenery and an abundance of exotic wildlife Costa Rica Said That His time away from the waves just as exciting Will Be When rental travelers.

Coming from San Jose to Jaco is always busy! But while on the road, stop at the Tarcoles River, locally called the Crocodile bridge. Crocodile Bridge is about half an hour outside of Playa Jaco. When you leave your car and look at the river below , Where large groups of well-fed crocodiles congregate in shoals near Dozens of crocodiles can be seen walking on the water and stop Tárcoles free boxes is a great way to start your family vacation in Costa Rica !

jaco beach costa ricaOnce in Playa Jaco, you can hike through the jungle along a treetop zipline through the treetops. Go on a boat deep sea fishing off Playa Jaco eco adventure or take a horseback ride near waterfall . An extreme sport and to come to Costa Rica, paragliding , is one of the newest additions to The Many exciting tours and activities near Playa Jaco HAS to offer!

Many restaurants and bars meet the hungry and thirsty surfers wishing to relax a hard day playing Effective with twisted waves of Jaco. As the sun sets in Jaco Beach, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are really starting to come alive.

In terms of accommodation and lodging in Jaco Beach and nearby beaches offer a great selection of holiday rentals . If you are scheduling a surf trip to Costa Rica with a group of friends and vacation rentals are undoubtedly your best choice . Vacation Rentals in Jaco Costa Rica offer the best of both worlds . A variety of vacation rentals in Playa Jaco close to the share without Sacrificing the relaxing atmosphere of the Utmost importance MOST That crave falling on your vacation in Costa Rica.

Many luxury villas and vacation rentals in Jaco Costa Rica offer stunning sea views and private pool . A personalized Concierge ecotourism and adventure and travel schedule are disponible for rent a beach house Jaco. This is the package holiday to Costa Rica perfect for surfers Have you like to travel in style! Jaco is the ultimate destination for surfers beach in Costa Rica ! For more information about vacation rentals and villas Playa Jaco..


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