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Many public aquariums around the world keep frogfish. Frogfish are also available privately from appropriate specialty shops and websites. Though they are prized for their unique appearance, they are not easy to keep for a number of reasons.

They often refuse food or become very fat when they do accept it. Furthermore, they must usually be kept alone as they will eat anything up to twice their size, including other frogfish, even potential mates. Also, as they can change their coloration, many lose the bright patterns they have initially, especially when kept in empty or more dull-colored tanks as opposed to the bright coral environments they are used to.

Though frogfish have been observed to spawn in captivity, captive breeding is difficult.

It is currently not known how to sex most species without dissection so keeping an appropriate pair together raises problems. Furthermore even if they do spawn, raising fry through the planktonic phase is very difficult because the larval fish require extremely tiny live food and must be protected from other predatory fish.