Jaco Kayaking Tour Costa Rica

This is a great tour for families and for people interesting to see the environment along the coast line and do a bit of work out.

1 Duration of the tour: 3 hours The tour

include: Water and fruits, walking steak, bilingual and naturalistic guide.

What to bring: Sun cream, camera, comfortable clothing and shoes.

Costa Rica kayaking is one of best low impact ways to enjoy this amazing area and our sea kayak tours are designed with an educative emphasis that seeks to assure preservation of the environment for years to come. When you come to kayak in Costa Rica, you can be assured of a high-quality kayaking vacation away from the ordinary.

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Jaco Costa Rica Kayak Tours

Kaya king in Costa Rica Playa Jaco Agujas

Tours from Jaco Beach

Jaco Kayaking Tour Costa Rica

We operate this tour everyday during low tide. We start the hike from the Jaco’s municipal park. Very nice hike along the northern beaches of Jaco until get to a big cave in the rocks where we can take very nice pictures in and out of the cave, swim and jump to the sea.

Special tour to see birds, enjoy the breeze and learn about the history of Jaco and Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is a small country located between Nicaragua and Panama on the tropical southern end of Central America. Having a land area equivalent in size to West Virginia its plant and animal species exceed by far the diversity throughout all of North America.

Over 200 species of mammals, 850 species of birds, and over 10,000 species of plants are known to reside here with more being added to the list every day. The fact that over 20% of the nations land is protected as either park or preserve reflects the overall high degree of importance that the people and their government place on the health of their environments.
Some Surrounding areas, Herradura Bay, just 10 minutes drive north, will provide a much more relaxing environment than Jaco Beach.Many of the best Activities are the following surfing, Sport sea fishing for those who love sea adventures,  ATV tours so you can get dirty, horseback excursions good for the entire family, bicycle rentals with many good spots just minutes away,  if you love visiting nature you can visit some of the most popular national parks u0026amp; also ecological reserves, White Water Rafting Expeditions, Visit the Crocodile Safari, Full day and half day boat and kayak excursions, Canopy Adventure tours and of-course very popular nigh-life Style.

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est and 50mt south

Jaco Garabito, Costa Rica




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