Tres Piletas Waterfalls

We have had rainy nights recently, but the days are still hot and sunny, so it makes this time of the year perfect for visiting the waterfalls. These ones, Tres Piscinas. Are about a 45 minute drive from where we are based in Jaco beach.

Once you have parked, there is a gorgeous 15 minute walk through fields and jungle to get to the pools, but make sure don’t where your favorite shoes becuase it gets very muddy!! You get to see all sorts of amazing wildlife, and you can jump off two of the waterfalls into deep pools.

Tres Piletas Waterfalls

Tres Piletas Waterfall CostaRica

Tres Piletas Waterfall Tours Parrita CostaRica

CostaRica Waterfall Tours

Tres Piletas Waterfall Tours, Jaco, Costa Rica

Private tour in Jaco to Tres Piletas Waterfall  Costa Rica

Testimonial We like to take our guests to all of our favourite places, and yesterday we took the drive to the waterfalls.

Price: $75
Time of Tour: 45min From Jaco to the waterfalls.
Included: Tour Guide, A/C Private Transportation, water and fruits.

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Testimonial It’s the best and most refreshing way to cool off on a hot day – we love Tres Piletas! Today we traveled to a local spot called Tres Piletas. It is where one falls pools to another, making three pools. I was expecting snakes, ect but the most we ran into was crossing a calf in our path with a bull present. That was enough adventure for me though. The bull eventually let us pass peacefully once he realized we meant no harm. We hiked through a farm to get there and it was crazy muddy, see my feet.

just if you want you can do those:
TresPiletas Waterfall Tour. A lush Tropical Secluded Tour with waterfalls and exotic pools. Cliff jumping, Hiking or just swim. At lunch time we’ll eat at the tilapia Farm where you can cath your own fish for lunch and enjoy of another typical plates.

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