Bijagual Waterfall Tours

Our goal is to get you out into the forests of Costa Rica to enjoy a truly magical experience. Sit in a natural pool, surrounded by trees and wildlife and listen to the fantastic sounds of the rain-forest and the rushing water.

Don,t forget to bring your camara and suit clothes. All of our tours give you the opportunity, if you desire, to interact with the waterfall. You will be able to swim in the pools, sit under the waterfall for a relaxing water massage or jump and dive into deep water pools for an adrenaline rush! We have designed our tours to create a lifelong memory that we hope you will cherish forever.

Bijagual Waterfall Tours Costa Rica

Bijagual Waterfall Tours Costa Rica

Atv Tours Bijagual Costa Rica

Waterfall in Costa Rica

Bijagual Waterfall Tours Jaco Costa Rica

Price: $75 per person.
Location: 30kms from Jaco.
Travel time: 45 minutes from Jaco to the waterfall.
Included: Transportation with A/C, Bilingual tour guide and fruits.
Departure: 7:00am Return: 12:00md, every day.
Departure: 1:00pm Return: 05:00pm.

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We offer tours for all different ability levels, from Tarzan to limited mobility.

Let us know what you are looking for and we can suggest a tour that best fits your group.

We are currently offering tours out of Jaco Beach and the Quepos/Manuel Antonio areas.

The Wheels For most of our tours we utilize the Land Rover Defender fully equipped for off road use so that we can not only get you out to your waterfall adventure, but get you back safely too!!

Bijagual Waterfall Horseback Riding

Make the most of your holiday in Costa Rica and book a unique tour that allows you to venture off the beaten track.

Take an exciting horseback riding excursion into the jungle to the spectacular Bijagual waterfalls, one of the highest waterfalls in Costa Rica.

Cascading 600ft high from cliffs that stand deep in the lush jungle, the legendary Bijagual waterfalls is a mystical place just waiting to be explored by nature lovers and those looking for a challenge  whether it is by horseback or walking.

Travel along the road to Bijagual and take in the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

See quaint local fishing villages as you hike through the small mountain range between Carara National Park and the protected zone of Turrubares, in the province of San Jose.

This status protects areas of tropical forest on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Along the way, marvel at the dramatic changes in vegetation.

After this scenic drive, you will continue on horseback along the jungle trail, which will lead you to the plunging waterfalls of Bijagual.

The ride is short, but challenging, and well worth it once you stop within a few hundred yards of the waterfalls and hear the roaring sounds of the plummeting water as it hits the naturally formed pools below.

Nature lovers can enjoy expert advice from naturalist guides as they observe a multitude of wildlife, including Scarlet Macaws and toucans, monkeys, colourful frogs and a diverse range of plant species.

Relax and soak up this area of natural beauty, whilst swimming in the invigorating, spring-fed pools at the base of the waterfalls.

An experience not to be missed! Indulge in free time to explore this mystical area and its abundant wildlife and ideal chance to get your camera out and capture the memories of your holiday in Costa Rica.

This horse riding adventure tour reveals nature at its best. Just remember to bring the insect repellent! Length of tour: Half Day. What to bring: Cool comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, swimsuit, towel, Hat, sunblock, insect repellent, binoculars and camera.

A transportation service will pick you up from your hotel and drive 45 minutes through scenic panoramas to the Jaco tour site.

Upon arrival you will receive a safety briefing from your guide and you will mount up and set off to explore the area on horseback.

You will ride up the trail and observe stunning jungle vegetation which your guide will point out and explain. You will hear the waterfall before you see it, but once you do you will be stunned with its beauty.

The Bijagual waterfalls house many secrets of Mother Nature; visitors can explore the area on foot and relish the up close look at exotic flora and fauna.

You may be able to observe toucans and scarlet macaws This Jaco tour is filled with impressive views of the Pacific Ocean and coastal fishing villages.

Be sure to take some story worthy snapshots to talk about back home.

After you finish this Jaco tour there will be arranged transportation to return you to your lodging establishment.

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