Zip Line Canopy Tour

A fantastic way to explore a truly unique habitat like the rain-forests without disturbing the wildlife or endangering the trees themselves, canopy tours have become the ideal way to get a bird eye view of the forest below. Though many people still believe that hiking is a great way to explore a rain-forest, canopy tours or zipline adventures are even better because the view they offer is often unparalleled and one also gets to see the flora and fauna in their natural environment.

Additionally, with rain-forests often having dense plant life, the environment on the ground can get pretty dark, thus making it difficult to see everything in a clear manner. There are a number of walkways or sky-walks through out Costa Rica s forests that have bridges strung across a valley from where you can walk above the canopy of trees and get a panoramic aerial view of the forest below.

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Costa Rica Jaco Zip Line Tours

Costa Rica Jaco Canopy Tours

Costa Rica Zip Line Tours

The adventure starts with a 15-minute ride aboard our specially designed tractor. Once you reach the top of the mountain, your bilingual guides will explain -step by step- all the safety procedures you most follow to enjoy your adventure. You’ll then descend to the bottom via a series of zip lines, including 14 platforms and 12 cables with a total cable distance of 3.5 kilometers, among them longest cable in the area (2400 ft.)!!

Price: $70 per person.
Location: Herradura beach 10min from Jaco.
Tour time: 8:am 10:am 1:pm
Included: Transportation with A/C from the hotel.
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