Planning the beach Day Trip to Costa Rica

One of the most popular reasons to visit Costa Rica at any time of year is its beautiful beaches. If you want sun, surfing or swimming, planning your trip in advance to ensure you get the most out of this incredible experience. Many rental options for houses Jaco Holiday Tours in Costa Rica provides access to the appropriate range for areas such as Jaco Beach, Playa Dominical and Playa Herradura.

Check out the weather and beach conditions

Costa Rica weather is usually perfect for going to the beach all year. However, some areas are affected by the rainy season, it is best to check the weather and wear appropriate clothing and equipment. Take note of conditions such as heat, sun or rain, and pack accordingly to be ready if climate change. In addition to checking the time, you should also check the status of the expected range. If you surf, scuba diving, paddle, or swim, you want to make sure the wind and water are the perfect setting for the activity. You can also see signs placed to reach the beach, which will keep you updated on the current conditions and dangerous areas.

Get your gear

Many of the activities most popular beach in Costa Rica require some arts, like a surfboard, paddle, kayak, life jacket, diving, mask, fins, or an umbrella. Because going to the beach is a popular activity in cities throughout Costa Rica, there are many places for you to rent or purchase the equipment you need if you do not have your own. Make sure all equipment is the right size for you and in good condition to make you feel comfortable and safe while enjoying water.

then plan

Planning your day at the beach in advance will ensure nothing is sure to have the best experience. If you all day, a cooler with lots of water and snacks or enter bars and cafes where to go for a drink. Pack your bag in advance and make a list of everything you need such as towels, sandals, shoes or clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a book or magazine if you plan to relax and enjoy a quiet moment in the beach. Check in the proposed activities on the beaches to visit, as some areas are better for surfing or swimming than others. Also, determine in advance how to get to and from the beach, especially if you are not within walking distance.

If you are ready for the holidays to some of the best beaches in the world, visit our website to find the perfect vacation rental in Costa Rica package for you. We offer a variety of rental options in areas such as Jaco Beach, Playa Flamingo, Dominical and Esparza. You can find more tips for getting the most out of your holiday activities as you scroll through the articles of our blog.



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