Costa Rica DMC Tours

Costa Rica DMC Groups is a consortium of destination and meeting management companies.

We are dedicated to providing fun-filled recreational activities, creative special events and the most memorable theme parties imaginable.

Our unique alliance allows us to build a customer service relationship that will benefit our clients wherever they meet and Costa Rica Party however they wish to entertain.

With over ten years experience working with the most prestigious organizations meeting across the country, you can feel confident that you will be working with a professional organization committed to the highest levels of personal service.

We also specialize in organizing “Theme Parties” u0026amp; “Traditional Folk Evenings” and “Star Nights.”

We have arranged these types of evening parties u0026amp; programs at various exotic locations for top IT Companies like HP, WIPRO u0026amp; HCL.

We would like to take this Opportunity to extent our World Class Services to All Agent and Operator s to Joint hands with us in Promoting Our Spectacular Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Spring Break For organizing any kind of corporate event kindly give us a call for a detailed discussion and allow us to suggest various themes, locations, logistics and infrastructure to organize a perfect event.

We have Variety of Special Price and Some Very Attractive Offers for GROUP’S Tour Operator.

We are Fully Geared to ASSIST YOU in every Way Promoting Costa Rica

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