Day trip to Carara National Park

This environment makes Carara a refuge for many species of birds, the park is a destination for bird watching. In addition to scarlet macaws, birds found in Carara include parakeets orange chin and other parrots, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, momotos, jacamars jumping ant, and several species of trogon, including black TROGON neck. Several species of water birds inhabit the park as well. These include the anhinga, different species of herons and kingfishers.

Carara National Park Birds

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Price: $ 65 per person.
It includes: Tour guide,  A/C  Private  Transportation .
Released: 7 am to 11 am ..
Journey time: 30 minutes Jaco Carara National Park.
Carara National Park contains over relatively close rainforest Manuel Antonio National Park. As such, it is more humid than the most popular Manuel Antonio National Park, and has a dense growth of trees and mosquitoes and other insects.

Carara National Park Carara National Park
Among the reptiles in the park are the American crocodile and various species of snakes and lizards. green frogs and black poison arrow are some of amphibians. Mammals include deer, red brocade, peccaries, agoutis, capuchins, raccoons, white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths two fingers Hoffmann and lazy brown three fingers of the throat. However, the mammals may be difficult to see because of the dense tree cover.

Carara National Park has fifteen pre-Columbian archeologic sites belonging to the archaeological site of the central region of Costa Rica, corresponding to two periods of occupation: The Pavas period (300 BC to 300 AD) and the period of Carthage (AD 800- 1500).

Two sites stand out in the park, the first is characterized by the presence of a rectangular base 6 x 4 meters, which corresponds to the period of Carthage. It is built of limestone and river rocks. Another important site is Burial Hills, which is a large part of the village and residential landfill located on a hill overlooking the river Tarcoles. It is believed that people exercise political and economic domination in the bottom of the river.


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