Costa Rica Tarcoles Crocodile Tour

Every person that does the Croc Tour comes back with great stories and great photos and it is 100% safe. Then journey begins right at “Grande de tarcoles” river, one of then most populated Crocodile Rivers in the world. In this journey you would see the Guacalillo mangrove swamp, which is a shelter of more than 50 species of birds and a great variety of animals like red limpets, tiger herons, tiger-faced crabs, monkeys, pink spoonbills and many more.

Croco Tour

Tarcoles Rive Costa Rica Crocodile Tours

Price: $50
Time of Tour: Departure 8:00 pm to 10:00am 12:pm 2:pm 4:pm
Included: Tour Guide, A/C Transportation

The journey takes about 2 hours which guarantees the client to end up simply astonished of an adventure impossible to forget. . Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions about adventure vacations in the Jaco Beach area or if you need a fishing report. Thanks for your time.

Costa Rica Tarcoles River Crodile TourCrocodile Tours Jaco Costa Rica
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Barrio la amistad from autotica 75mt
est and 50mt south

Jaco Garabito, Costa Rica



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