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Immediately after crossing the border, the abundance of tropical forest tells one he is in Costa Rica. And welcoming you, perched in tree branches immediately over the highway, are monkeys full on into a sex show not too inhibited and you can pick up a few tips. Only the cyclists cash in on the show.

Price: $60
Time of Tour: 1 day
Transportation included

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If you are a beach aficionado, which we are, the most spectacular and secluded (undeveloped) beach in Latin America is just west of La Cruz. Turn off the Panamericana there, head through town and down the hill toward the Pacific. There is a nice beach down the road but the jewel is at the end of the road, about three quarter hour or so out of town. There is also a bus that takes you near the beach, if you need to pick up supplies. Take a hammock and rest your weary bones.

Get off the beaten track without sacrificing too many miles.

Okay, so we can not count! Take a side trip into one of the many National Parks for which Costa Rica is famous.

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Costa Rica Biking Tours


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Costa Rica Transfers

Barrio la amistad from autotica 75mt
est and 50mt south

Jaco Garabito, Costa Rica



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